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Dwayne Wade Working on his Shooting by Improving his Catching


Side article, but just for comparison's sake, I thought it was interesting that we get a video of Tyreke working on his handles, whereas Wade has a game plan set out for improving on his shooting. Any thoughts from you guys? Granted, we don't know what 'Reke has really been up to so I can't really judge, but I thought this might have some things that are pretty relevant to 'Reke.

Team USA Basketball Tomorrow Night!


It's just an intrasquad matchup, but it IS basketball. Evans has been effectively ruled out of this year's team (hat tip to Kenneth256). Coverage on ESPN2 and espn3.com starts at 7pm (Pacific).

Stephen Curry vs. Tyreke....err Beno Udrih


Despite the hype, this is a way more similar comparison.

Is Kevin Martin Trade Bait?

Kevin Martin leads the list of potential trade deadline blockbusters. What do you guys think? With Tyreke Evans in the house, should the Kings liquidate Martin for more young talent?

Sports Nation Voting - Lots of Tyreke questions


Tyreke is not doing that great in these polls. Help him out SacTown!!

Evans red flag surfaces in Sacramento


"Memphis guard Tyreke Evans, who is believed by many to be the leading candidate for the team's No. 4 pick in the draft that is just hours away, was the driver in a 2007 shooting in which his cousin, 18-year-old Jamar Evans, killed 19-year-old Marcus Reason from the passenger seat of the car."

NBA Draft Preview by Jay Bilas


Nice breakdown of the NBA draft by Jay Bilas here. I agree with most of what he said.

DX: Point Guard Stats Analysis

Some Highlights: - "... Lawson got to the line on a per possession basis significantly more frequently than anyone ... at .47 FTA per possession. Ricky Rubio followed him in second at .40 ...Rubio’s injured Euroleague play (also) earned him a top-10 spot, which tells you how well he effortlessly draws contact in the paint." - Rubio had a True Shooting % of 57% - same as Flynn, better than Evans, Holiday and Jennings. - "Rubio posts the two highest marks in (assists per 40 minutes) with his impressive ability to set the table for his teammates. His 10.4 assists per-40 dwarfs Ty Lawson’s 7.7 and is simply outstanding for any player, let alone an 18 year old in the second best League in the world. Even his Euroleague numbers are excellent, telling you a lot about how well he got everyone involved while playing essentially one-handed. Maybe he isn't "all hype" after all?" - "Rubio is the top thief (steals per 40 min.) in our group, which is impressive since he did so in the top League outside of the NBA with a bad wrist. While the sample size of the Euroleague is obviously very limited, he ranks out extremely well in the ACB league as well."

"Scoop": Evans in play at 4


"Tyreke Evans began individual workouts Tuesday in Sacramento with a meaningful showing in a meaningful place, shooting well enough to immediately address the main concern about his vast skill set..."

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