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Buddy Hield’s contract extension will test the Kings’ good vibes

How will the Kings handle their Hield decision tree?

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The Royal Mailbag: Week Two of Preseason

If you don’t know how a mailbag works, this isn’t the article for you.

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Bogdan Bogdanovic displaying impressive shooting percentages in preseason

The Serbian swingman is shooting better than ever.

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Kings land 10th in Zach Lowe’s annual League Pass rankings

The Kings are fun to watch!

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Preseason notes: Kings 105, Suns 88

KINGS WIN (a preseason game)

Kings 105, Suns 88: Preseason win dance party

Kings win!

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Tracking the 8 questions that will decide the future of the NBA

So much is at stake in this year’s postseason.

Best of FanPosts & FanShots

Buddy Buckets, the T-Shirt / Hoodie!

Need a bucket? Buddy’s got your back, and your head too if you opt for the hoodie!

Kings vs Suns: Preseason comes to Sacramento

Let’s have some basketball!

The Dash Bros T-Shirt!

New Merch!

Young Superteam, the Hoodie!

Superteam, just young.

Harry Giles’ knee is still keeping him out

At what point do we start to really worry about Harry?

From Vox Media

We're building great things, and we need your talent.

Tall Tales

Let’s do a very serious investigation about a very silly thing.

Young Superteam, the T-Shirt!

Superteam, just young.

The Royal Mailbag: Preseason Madness

You ask, we answer!

Preseason losses – time to panic?

Pipe. The. Balls. Down.

Kings vs Pacers Preseason Game Thread, The Sequel

Let’s do it again!

Royal Roundtable: Overreacting to one preseason game

A few members of the staff share their thoughts.

Kings vs Pacers Preseason Game Thread


Cory Joseph and Dewayne Dedmon detail how they plan to help the Kings

The Sacramento Kings have arrived in India, and other news and notes

A quick rundown of the Kings time in India.

The Sactown Royalty Show: Double Header

Released Two Episodes today and I will explain why!

Harry Giles will not travel to India due to knee soreness

The Kings formally announced the decision Monday.

30Q: How many games will the Kings win?

The biggest question of all.

30Q: The annual Jerry Reynolds/Doug Christie nickname thread

Jerry isn’t the full time analyst but we’re still going to give him the best nicknames possible.

30Q: Should the Kings Trade Buddy or Bogi?

No. No they should not.

NBA Trade Rumors

Three main takeaways from Media Day 2019

The Kings are expecting improvement, but that doesn’t necessarily equal a spot in the playoffs.

Sacramento Kings Media Day 2019 open thread

Media Day is here!

30Q: How tall are the Kings?

The NBA is about to find out

Today's NBA news

30Q: Does De’Aaron Fox have a shot at making the All-Star Team?

Sacramento’s young star has an outside chance at making the squad.

Buddy Hield’s Sacramento fundraiser dinner pushes his Hurricane Dorian donation effort over $450,000

30Q: Can one of the Rookies earn playing time?

Could Justin James or Kyle Guy earn minutes in Sacramento this season? With the Kings depth, it’s unlikely, but not impossible.

30Q: What will Dewayne Dedmon bring to the defense?

Dewayne Dedmon will bring a much more competent defensive presence to the Kings.