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Kings 106, Lakers 111: Not a Sunday Funday as Sacramento falls to Los Angeles

The Lakers win the season series 3-1, despite not having the majority of their key players in this one.

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Kings vs. Lakers Game Thread

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Kings vs. Lakers Fan Predictions

It's Prediction Time!

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Kings vs. Lakers Preview: Layoff Mode Activated

The Kings are in LA to take on the worst professional team in Los Angeles

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Kings vs. Suns Game Thread

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Eat Your Heart Out, Robert Horry

Revenge is a dish best served cold.

Kings vs. Suns Fan Predictions

It's Prediction Time!

Young Superteam, the T-Shirt!

Superteam, just young.

Kings vs. Suns Preview: The Return of Jimmer!!!

The Sacramento Kings face off against one of the greatest players in BYU History of all time and will have to muster up all the courage they’ve got in order to defeat.... Jimmermania.

Kings have signed Cody Demps to 10-day contract

The Sac State alum gets called up from Stockton.

Kings 116, Mavericks 100: Taking Care of Business

The Kings avoided any more madness on Thursday, and a strong second half effort earned them a win against the struggling Mavericks.

Kings vs. Mavericks Game Thread

Kings vs. Mavericks Preview: The Return of Justin Jackson

The Kings take on the floundering Mavericks.

Kings vs. Mavericks Fan Predictions

It’s Prediction Time!

Kings admit they relaxed against the Nets

Understatement of the year

(Crumbling) Under Pressure

The Kings have made an unfortunate habit of collapsing at crucial times.

March Madness 2019: NBA Prospect Watch, Week 1

The greatest month of the year is here, but armchair scouting for the Sacramento Kings is a little different this season.

Nets 123, Kings 121: Sonnet of Despair

A tragedy like that cannot be put into a normal recap.

Kings vs. Nets Game Thread

Kings vs. Nets Fan Predictions

It’s Prediction Time!

Kings vs. Nets Preview: A Tale of Two Conferences

The Sacramento Kings come into Tuesday game the ninth seed and facing off against their Eastern Conference clone who are, in fact, headed to playoffs

NBA Trade Rumors

2019 Sactown Royalty Bracket Challenge

Put your college hoops knowledge/luck to the test!

De’Aaron Fox and Doug Christie co-host the Road Trippin’ podcast

This was a really fun long-form discussion.

Kings 129, Bulls 102: Two blowouts of Chicago as Sacramento complete sweep

The Sacramento Kings dominated the Chicago Bulls early and never hit the brakes as they take the season series 2-0.

Today's NBA news

Kings vs. Bulls Game Thread

Kings vs. Bulls Preview: St. Paddy’s Day Smackdown

The Kings have flown home for St. Patrick’s Day, hoping to avoid getting pinched by the lowly Bulls.

De’Aaron Fox is moving fast, and in the right direction

The Sacramento Kings’ second-year guard brought speed to the NBA. And he’s learning how to use it.

Dave Joerger’s adjustments have transformed Sacramento’s offense

The Kings focus on the fast break has transformed the team.

Kings 114, 76ers 123: Three straight losses for Sacramento

The Sacramento Kings fought until the final seconds, but ultimately fall short.

Kings vs. 76ers Game Thread

Kings vs 76ers: No time to recover

We’re on to the next one.