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Welcome to the Kingdom

Welcome to SACTOWN ROYALTY, the newest addition to SportsBlogs Nation and your guide to the wonderful world of the Cowbell Kingdom.

My name is Tom, and I'll be your host for this NBA season and hopefully, many to come. Also hopefully, you guys will help make this transition to the new era of the Kings more bearable for me.

Some of you (well, like two of you) may know me from, the now-defunct site where I blogged the Kings' offseason for several months. Thanks to the kind souls at SB Nation, I now have a site that actually doesn't throw web monkeys into violent dry heaves. It's a definite step up in technology and aesthetics.

The only hurdle now is solid content, and you Kings fans out there on the internets can help with that. One way is to comment on my posts. Carl - now you can be assured that your comments won't disappear into the ether because of the volatile concoction of 1 part Blogger, 1 part Haloscan and 2 parts idiot editor who knows less than nothing about web design and programming.

You can also contribute by posting a diary. It's pretty easy. You just register (don't worry - we refuse to allow anyone to spam you, ever), login and click the link on the right that says "Post New Diary." Pretty simple, no? If you want to spout off about Adelman's rotational monogamy, Heather Fargo's disregard in refusing to sacrifice her own first-born for the good of the Maloofs or Mike Bibby's shooting hand tattoos, please post a diary. Then, everyone else can read your rant and comment, if they choose. It's like having your own little mini-blog with the hassles of, like, having your own blog.

Also, feel free to email me about whatever strikes your fancy - technical issues, death threats, hot tips, cease and desist orders - seriously, whatever.

We look forward to the season, which is 12 FRICKING DAYS AWAY! Also, we look forward to winning the championship in June. It's totally going to happen. You know it.

So as the great Tupac would say, break out the champagne glasses and the mother-fricking condoms, and have one on us. And welcome to SACTOWN ROYALTY.