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The Week tk: Preseason's Lovely End

Ding dong, the witch is (almost) dead - preseason's ugly ass is leaving the club! No more meaningless games. No more weird starting lineups. No more Jamal Sampson.

Only two preseason games left to worry about injuries in games that don't matter. Jason Hart's slightly gimpy hip aside, we finally seem like we're going into a regular season healthy. In the past few years, we've dealt with Bobby Jackson's abdomen, Mike Bibby's foot, Chris Webber's ankle and knee.

Hart should play in at least one of the last two preseason games, and barring anyone getting hurt, Sacramento should be completely healthy come Opening Night. Knock on wood, knock on wood, knock on wood.

These last two exhibitions should serve a couple purposes: provide entertainment for NBA fans in Albuquerque and Vegas, and solidify Adelman's rotation. Apparently, the jury's still out on who's starting at the four (easy money on Shareef) and who's backing up Peja (I would've picked gritty vet Corliss Williamson a month ago, but Adelmania seems to prefer rookie Francisco Garcia). If a Ronnie Price vs. Luis Flores decision hasn't already been made, it will be by Saturday morning.

So win or lose, let's just get these two games out of the way. I'd be encouraged by seeing continued chemistry on offense and someone stepping up on defense and in the rebounding game. And let's see some more shots drop.

But more than anything, please PLEASE don't come away with any injuries.

(A quick administrative note: The Week tk will be a weekly feature here on Sactown Royalty - a shock, I know. It'll just serve to give you all - and myself - a heads up on when and where our guys are playing this week. It should be posted no later than noon every Monday. On it, as you can see above in its first edition, you'll also see who's televising each game. This applies to Sacramento area residents and the information comes straight from the organization. Remember, Sacramento fans can hear every game on 1140 AM. Also, fans outside the area should look into the NBA League Pass, which will get you not only every Kings game, but a whole lot of other matches for your viewing pleasure. Also, for the confused, 'tk' is a journalism term I'm particularly fond of. It denotes the phrase 'to come' - for instance, when someone tags a 'more tk' at the end of a story, it means there's more to come, or more on its way. So essentially, I'm going to completely ruin the term by abusing it here on SR. Enjoy.)

(Also, to those of you who thought with the move to SportsBlogs that I was going to lose all my crappy graphics, you're sadly mistaken. Consider this proof.)