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Mostly Miscellany

Some incredibly disjointed thoughts on a Footballday morning:

  • Apparently there are some issues with the registration process. I really really apologize for the problem - we're trying to get it fixed ASAP. I feel a little better knowing it's a tech issue, though, since I was getting rather lonely without any comments.
  • The Kevin Martin piece will be waiting until tomorrow, when I'll do two for the price of one (with a money-back guarantee if you don't enjoy it).
  • So, after I spew up that Brian Skinner should come in for rebounds and blocks only, he goes out and shoots 5 for 7 against the weak weak WEAK Blazers while only pulling down 2 boards (and no blocks) in 18 fricking minutes. Je suis bete.
  • We've learned through the amazing technology of email that Sam Amick will be the full-time beat writer of the Kings this season. Marty MacNeal will do a column and write up the "Kings notes" type stuff. Amick has been great all preseason - his write-up of last night's game was brilliant, although John Nash may have put a hit out shortly after its publication.
  • Best numbers from last night's game: Corliss Williamson, 5 offensive rebounds. Brad Miller, 4 offensive rebounds. The Blazers could not keep our forwards off the offensive glass. Portland gave up almost 37 percent of their defensive rebounding opportunities. Bad, even by Kings standards.
  • Worst numbers from last night's game: The Kings were 4-18 from three-point range. Ugh. Peja, 1-4. Bibby, 1-4. Bonzi, 1-3. Martin, 0-3. Garcia, 1-3. Through the five preseason games, the team is shooting 26.4 percent from behind the arc. Yuck yuck yuck.
  • Roster spot battle: Well, Ronnie Price didn't wow anyone (2 pts on 1-6 shooting, 1 rebound, 3 assists and 2 TOs in 23 minutes), but Luis Flores barely got off the bench (he hit a pair of free throws in 2 minutes of play). We'll see if Flores get the minutes tonight in Fresno against the Suns.