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Ah, Fresno.

Are you seriously telling me the people of Fresno had something better to do Sunday night than go see a preseason game between two of the best teams in the league?

ESPN claims 4,000 were in attendance, while Joe Maloof said 9,000 during the telecast and Gary Gefland guessed 6,000 at halftime. My cursory television views suggest this game could've been played in the Hornets Nest.

Ghostly Fresno attendance aside, a game was played. The Kings B-team went down by 12. You could've guessed that outcome if I had only just said that no one in Sacramento's projected opening night starting 5 played more than 12 minutes (Bonzi sat out), while Nash and Marion each played 27+.

Brian Skinner is really trying hard discredit me. He shot 4 for 7, had three assists (two of which were highlight reel) and didn't rebound or block much. So much for first impressions.

Do note that his one block was absolutely devastating: If you haven't seen it, you need to. Essentially, Matrix got the ball on a screen-roll on the left side and had a unimpeded lane to the hoop. Skinner slides over under the basket from the weak side and times his jump perfectly. Just when you think Skinner is gonna get a facial, he gets the cleanest block I've ever seen by a King. Just a devastating block. Marion had a beautiful "WTF" look on his face. Devastating.

Okay, my budding man-crush on Skinner aside, Kevin Martin actually had a really nice game. Speed Racer got 15 points in 42 minutes on 7 of 14 shooting - certainly not profilic, but solid. He added 9 rebounds and 5 steals (this guy is getting his hands in the lane A LOT).

Despite Luis Flores playing rather solid (6 points in 14 minutes, with some very nice defense on Nash thrown in), Ronnie Price won the third point guard slot last night. Price, who seems a little behind on defense, has a real nice jump shot, and scored 12 points, and sunk 2 three-pointers. He wasn't lost in the offense, which is always good.

Amick seems to think that the starters will be back in Wednesday vs. the Suns to finish the tune-up. I'm not so sure. Remember, we play the Suns in the third game of the season in their gym. How much of our gameplan against them do the coaches want to give up? Even if Adelman does play his starters plenty, will he institute any defensive gameplan, or will he just let them play? Will he try out some things, try to find ways to contain Nash and Marion? Who knows, but I wouldn't count it out.

Also, still no solution to the registration problem here on Sactown Royalty. The hamsterbots inside the servers are being whipped for their insolence, if it's any consolation. If you have comments that cannot wait, go ahead and email me and I'll put them up. The silence is maddening.