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Bibby Involved in Nightclub Brawl?

It's from Monday, but we just noticed it this morning, from Graswich's column:

Sacramento police are trying to determine whether Sacramento Kings guard Mike Bibby was involved in a September brawl that left one man beaten inside a midtown nightclub.

"We have an ongoing assault investigation in progress," said Sacramento Police Capt. Joe Valenzuela. "Mike Bibby is not listed as a suspect at this time. He was there. When we finish our investigation, we'll send it over to the district attorney and go from there. I'm limited in anything else I can say at this point." Police reports say Bibby was among a group in the MoMo Lounge above Harlow's on Sept. 12 when the fight took place. Staff broke up the brawl, in which one man was beaten.

The column goes on to say that Team Dime is a frequent user of Sacramento's evening entertainment venues. In college, we'd heard stories about Bibby's partying ways.

Discouraging if true, given the number of young kids he has.