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Granik Done After Season has the story. Chris Sheridan also speculates on who the frontrunner to be Stern's replacement is:

Granik's departure will fuel speculation inside the league office that NBA Entertainment president Adam Silver has become the most likely successor to Stern whenever the commissioner decides to retire. Stern told last week that he has no plans whatsoever to step down from the job he has held since 1984.

Silver would be better than Granik in the top spot, in my opinion. Russ, despite being absolutely hilarious during every season's draft lottery, is too old-school to push the league forward.

I'm not ready for the Stern reign to end, though. I'm actually nervous about what'll happen when it does. I'm not anti-union or anything, but with Stern and Granik gone, there's no question Billy Hunter and his guys will make a massive power play. I hope they fail, for the good of the sport.