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Mostly Miscellany, 10/27

My time is short, because in a couple hours I'm joining up with a search party to scour Granite Bay, looking for Mike Bibby's shot:

  • Kevin Martin only has a strained calf, which proves one thing: Sports talk radio hosts, especially those with red hair and adult freckles, should never be believed.
  • Look at Bonzi, with 21 points and 10 boards. Most impressive? Twelve free throws (and he sank 11 of them). I like Arthur Bonzarelli. Eyyy.
  • The evil Lakers, tomorrow in Las Vegas (and on ESPN). This game being in Sin City sucks for two reasons: Seeing the Kings playing in Nevada is nerve-racking for fans that would like to see the Kings remain in Sacramento, and we really want to see Kingsfan's reaction to Phil Jackson. I expect some quality cat-calling when L.A. first visits ARCO.
  • I'm glad baseball is over for one reason: We don't have to listen to Monty watch the game when he's supposed to be doing a radio show. The guy is Rome-esque in his inability to complete a sentence in less than 45 seconds. Turn off the TV or fricking cut to commercial. Damn. (Of course, we don't have to listen to Monty in the first place. I'll quit whining now.)
  • If you enjoy cutthroat sports humor, then you're already reading Deadspin and YAYbasketball!. Now, you'll need to add Hard Wood to your list. Their first post is a parody of the annual "Bill Simmons previews the NBA by relating players, teams and situations to lines from a cult movie" column. And sure enough, like Simmons, it's long and sometimes funny! Woohoo!
  • The damn email confirmation is still broke. I hacked a way to get logged in once you register - if you manually change your password (not the send password option, the one where you type in a new password), the new authorization email sent to you works. I know that sucks, but people smarter than I are currently working on fixing the core problem. I'll post when it works, and apologize profusely until then.