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No Shoes, No Shot, No Service

I wish they took bets on stuff like, "After Mike Bibby called R.E. Graswich's column item on Team Dime's brawl at MoMo Lounge stupid, Graswich ran to his typewriter to get another column on the subject in by Friday." It was pretty much guaranteed. Graswich would've shocked us had he not twisted the knife in today's column.

Here's the column, strangely headlined "Bibby and his fight crew no longer welcome at some watering spots."

In the column, Graswich said while MoMo owner Danny Torza swears Bibby didn't throw a punch, he and his crew are no longer allowed at the club because Team Dime gave a guy a fat lip.

Graswich also seeks out his best friend, Randy Paragary, who says Team Dime isn't allowed in KBar because they started a fight there its first week open.

(Tangent: Is Randy Paragary really in any shape to be banning anyone from his establishments, let alone rich clients who will probably be in Sac the next couple years? I don't know, if I'm hemorrhaging money and closing down my other ventures, I'm probably building a VIP booth for one of the area's biggest party animals. That's just me.)

Okay, so Bibby is banned at two Sacramento bars. What's the story? That this town is such a midwestern place that our club scene can't handle both Joe Sacramento and NBA superstars? That Mike Bibby's friends are apparent thugs, therefore, Mike Bibby is a thug? That rich young men (not unlike Joe and Gavin Maloof) are unruly? There's a news hook in there, right Captain R.E. Obvious?

(By the way, Graswich's defense of the column was pretty bad on 1140 this morning. I'm in the newspaper business, so I'd typically side with the journalist. But Graswich has a reputation for stirring up shit to stir it up, not to get at any sort of truth.)