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URGENT UPDATE: Kings to Make Mockery of Self, Sacramento in Just Hours

We have confirmation that the Kings will be dressed in the following tonight:

Not only will they actually wear the cat-vomit uniforms, they will be doing so ON NATIONAL TELEVISION!!! Break out the paper bags, you'll need them (to vomit in and to cover your head while the sports media world laughs at us over the next week or so).

If that catastrophe wasn't enough to make you pass out, here are some additional thoughts pre-evil-Lakers-game:

  • No word yet on what poor Vegas establishment Mike Bibby and Team Dime terrorized last night. Graswich is of course on the case, though. Also, I would stay away from the Showboat's bowling lanes tonight post game.
  • Brad Miller: Would it kill you to take the Skoal out for 5 minutes while you're on the radio? I know having to listen to Grant Napear jabber in your ear has to be stress-inducing, but how about a Percoset or something?
  • The Lakers are evil.
Consider this an open thread to discuss the Kings-Lakers game. Oh wait, it's impossible to comment given my inability to get the registration fixed. Whoops.

Email me your thoughts ( on the game, and I'll round them all up. If you want. And  if I want, honestly.

And, uh, let's go Kings!