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Mostly Miscellany, Halloween Edition

Because I'm hecka lazy:

  • Mike Bibby shoots, Mike Bibby scores. He found his shot Friday in the loss to The Kobe & Kwame Show, going 7 for 12. It's worth mentioning that he had zero attempts from behind the arc.
  • OPENING NIGHT IS FRICKING TOMORROW. (Note: a confused previous version of this story said opening night was today. Whoops.)
  • You'd be silly not to immediately check out Courtside Times, the new basketball equivilent of the Hardball Times, Football Outsiders and the like. In fact, you'd be silly not to check it pretty much everyday. It's run by Knickerblogger, and Kurt from Forum Blue and Gold and Harlan Schreiber from HoopsAnalyst are among the impressive list of contributors.
  • Those cat-vomit uniforms are potentially the worst thing to ever hit the NBA (yes, worse than Tim Duncan!). Bibby just kind of blended in with his jersey. I can't imagine how bad someone like Doug Christie or Greg Ostertag would've looked in it.
  • I hope to have an L.A. Clippers preview up sooner rather than later. Also, tomorrow morning will see an extravagant Kings preview. Feel the roar!
  • Clinton Portis makes me and my fantasy team very angry about every other week. Someone needs to take his stripper pole away.