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Moral Victories Are Only Won By Losing Teams

As could've been reasonably expected, Sacramento went down in Denver.

It was actually a solid game until the fourth quarter. Nice up and down first (despite a lot of fouls and turnovers). Good offensive flow on both sides from the starters, until the last 12 minutes.

Denver pretty thoroughly dominated the inside game. This comment, from Nuggets blogger Solid Gold, seems a little overreaching, though:

" does Brad Miller only get five boards? Oh, right, because he's an overrated hick who shrivels up when the opposing center hands him his lunch like Marcus Camby did tonight. That makes plenty of sense)."

Well, hmm. Brad Miller had a PER of 20.7 last season and got paid $7.875 million. Marcus Camby had a 18.0 PER (13 percent lower than B-52) while making $8.5 million (7.9 percent higher than B-52).

I'm sorry, but who's overrated?

We said it yesterday but we'll say it again: Sacramento sucks against teams that can bang the boards. Camby and the official K-Mart (sorry Kevin - Kenyon outperformed you for the undisputed title) and Najera can B-A-N-G. I don't have a solution, Adelman apparently doesn't have a solution. We'll see what happens Friday, when the Nugs visit ARCO.

The starters played a combined 34 minutes in the fourth and went 2 for 9. Bibby took zero shots, Shareef and Bonzi each took one, Brad missed all three of his and Peja went 1 for 4. None of that is good.

Kevin Martin is the only weapon actually trying to do anything off the bench. He's reckless at times, but he didn't embarass himself out there and managed 8 points. Kenny Thomas got 1 out of 6 buckets, Jason Hart scored a free throw, Corliss Williamson wasted four possessions (good call, Ailene!) and Brian Skinner has returned to being invisible on the offensive end. The bench is so fricking depressing, especially considering we assumed it was a strength.

Bleh. Go Kings, rah rah.