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How Much Is That Desmond Mason in the Window?

Sam Amick says the Kings and Bucks talked about Kenny Thomas for Desmond Mason a couple weeks ago, before the Hornets gave up Jamaal Magloire for the best leaper in the game.

I'm going out on a limb here to say I would've wholeheartedly approved that move. Athleticism and explosiveness are severely missing from this team, and either 'athleticism or explosiveness' is actually Dez Mason's middle name.

Also, Kenny Thomas - let's just say he's not adapting well to his role as a bench player. 10.4 points per 40 is not bueno, mijos.

Now that KT's spot firmly on the trading block is out in the open, any ideas? Should Adelman start him to get some trade value, or should Petrie just pray for a well-timed frontline injury to get KT some PT?

(Note: yes, I am ignoring the actual plight of the team in favor of finding a way to wheel and deal. If we're going to suck in the early part of the season, we might as well get something for it. No?)