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GAME 6/82, Vs. Denver, Open Game Thread

Back-end of a home-and-home. Denver, of course, won going away Wednesday night in lovely Colorado.

Your Starting Lineups:

PG - Dre Miller
SG - Voshon Lenard
SF - Melo Yellow Anthony
PF - K-Mart
C  - UMass's Finest

PG - Banned in the S.A.C.
SG - Bonzi
SF - Good Feet
PF - King Abdur-Rahim
C  - "Overrated Hick"

The line: An inexplicable -2. Anyone who throws money on Sac after seeing Wednesday's fourth quarter and gives Denver two points is D-U-M dumb.

Fun bet o' the night: Angry Brad Miller's rebound rate: +/- 18.0. Take the over.

Sideshow most likely to be entertaining: The no doubt extremely tasteful pre-game introductions.

Grant Napear, in short and in advance: "The Maloofs have addressed the situaton perfectly. No one should be fired. It was a horrible mistake that they handled beautifully. Ailene Voisin is stupid. Sam Amick is a liar. Blah blah blah."

This is a very open thread. Let's go Kings! The road back to mediocrity awaits!