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Beat Me Once, Shame on Me. Beat Me Twice ... Um, Eff That.

All things considered, a 2-4 start looks mighty fine in retrospect. Going into the season, the opening stretch of mostly road games looked awfully daunting - your two home games were against the two-time defending Eastern Conference champion Detroit Pistons and the consensus Northwest Division winner Denver Nuggets. Your two back-ends on your two back-to-backs were the Houston Rockets (with Tracy McGrady) and the aforementioned Nuggets. You also got the Phoenix Suns in their place. The one sure win, at New Orleans, was that team's first win after a major catastrophe AND the first real NBA game in Oklahoma in front of insane fans that have really adopted that team.

2-4 is a little better than expected, right?

This team still has to prove it's a contender. But in beating Denver Friday, it showed it's not the team we saw lose by 26 to the fricking Hornets. It's not the team we saw in the fourth quarter of the first Denver game, or the first half of the Detroit game. It's not capable of consistently beating the better teams in the league - I still wouldn't bet money on this team barring a ridiculous line. But it's better than it showed.

Brad "The Overrated Hick" Miller flirted with a triple-double, and it was a rebound he needed. Peja had better than 50 eFG% and got to the line eight times. (Well, he took eight free throws, that is. Terminology sucks.) Peja also had, get this, the team's ONLY THREE OFFENSIVE REBOUNDS, one of its two blocks and two of its five steals. (LeBron who?) His counterpart, Carmelo Anthony, went a dubious 4-15.

Kevin freaking Martin took back ownership of the nickname "K-Mart" with a nearly perfect 22 minutes in relief of Bonzi and Peja (the rare 100 eFG% thanks to only one missed shot and two made threes).

Shareef still hasn't missed more shots than he's made in a game with the Kings. Bonzi got to the line seven times in 32 minutes. Bibby sat a lot, playing on 30 minutes. 4-12 shooting, four turnovers and three assists. Bleh.

If Peja plays another game like this soon, Ailene Voisin's head will definitely explode. Bring it on, Stojakovic!