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Mostly Miscellany, 11/15

Pardon me while I try to break up the freaking Knicks, who now have the same record as your Sacramento Kings:

  • I'd be more concerned about a Chicago paper's story about Peja wanting to be traded to da Bulls if this didn't happen every year. The problem is: they have Luol Deng. I don't see them sending him and contract to even things up back. But I could be wrong.
  • Googling "Lakers are evil" without the quotemarks gets Sactown Royalty as the second result. Maybe if we all say it together, we can become #1.
  • Marty McNeal and the Sacramento Bee sports editors are stunning in their disconnect from the actual world. An inexplicable piece on Bibby and Team Dime's September brawl at the MoMo ran top of the section front Monday (yes, on the day after the Kings had just got embarassed by a winless team at home). This is the first "news" story run by the Bee on the brawl; R.E. Graswich has written about it three times in his column (here, here and here). In fact, the last time that Graswich (a former sports writer/columnist at the Bee himself, for you out-of-towners) wrote about the incident (Nov. 9), he quoted the fricking victim. Yet, is the victim (who hasn't been identified) quoted or paraphrased in McNeal's yank-piece? Of course not. EARTH TO MARTY MAC: You work with R.E. Graswich. In fact, he's in the same building as you. He just might get out from under Phil Angelides' desk long enough to tell you how to contact the victim, or let you use some quotes he got. Also, the owner of the MoMo has been quoted in past Graswich columns. REPORTING ISN'T THAT HARD. Also, shame on the Bee editors for allowing McNeal to get away with using this passage carte blanche:
Bibby said the group known as Team Dime is being portrayed inaccurately around the city.

"It's not a gang and we don't go out looking for or starting trouble," Bibby said. "I've been told that people are representing themselves as being with us. I've been told that people have said they were my bodyguards. I don't have a bodyguard."

Johnson said there are about 10 or 11 folks locally in Team Dime.

Said Walcott, 32: "We are simply a group of family and friends who have known each other for a very long time and are very loyal. We're just a support group for Mike. We're not out looking to fight, but that's what people are saying about us."

YAYsports! said it best a few days ago: "Yo, Mike. That's a gang."

  • Marty Mac is also dumb in Tuesday's paper, where he calls Kings fans "spoiled" for being concerned about this year's squad. It's just his silly, controversial way of leading into a column I wrote yesterday about how the Kings aren't being lazy, they just aren't as fast or athletic as their foes. (Note: Marty also jumps off the deep end about Patron Saint of SR Brad Miller, saying "It's one thing to be slow, but it's another to be on the floor crying like a little kid who had his ice cream jacked." Hey Marty, hi. Brad replaced Vlade Divac as our starting center. Good grief.)
  • Larry Brown is easily the most annoying opposing coach in the league. At least Phil has an amusingly overblown ego. LB just yells and stomps and whines and yells and annoys the crap out of me. It's hard to explain.
  • Anyone else think KHTK's gimmicky "Top Five Stories at Five" is funny to the point of discomfort? Grant is just going to snap one of these days when that weird instrumental hip hop loops comes on. Can't wait for it to happen.
  • In terms of scoring, last night's ESPN Bottom Line was one of the more depressing ones I've ever seen. The Jazz scoring 62, the Celtics with 82, the Knicks with 73 (and winning). Christ.
  • My first fantasy dilemma of the young NBA season: I was pissed when I found out Andrei Kirilenko was injured, because he's on the SR fantasy squad. Then, I remember the Kings host Utah tonight, and missing AK-47 gives the Jazz a much lesser chance of even thinking about winning in ARCO. Then, I remember that missing AK-47 gives my fantasy team a much lesser chance of winning this week. This is why I hate fantasy sports.
  •  I'm incredibly upset that I can't find the results from the first two weeks of the celebrity fantasy league anywhere. I really need to know if Bill Simmons lost to Bernie Mac. It may or may not affect my ability to take him seriously any longer. (Simmons, that is. While we're here, anyone else think it's disturbing that the Week 1 matchups feature solely black celeb vs. white celeb matchups? Is there a race war going on in NBA's web division?)
Be back later with a thrilling game preview. Thrilling, I say.