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GAME 8/82: vs. Utah, Open Game Thread

If there's an NBA team more embarassed than the Kings right now, it's got to be the Utah Jazz, who scored a grand total of 62 points in a Monday loss to the Eastern Conference stepchild Knicks in Salt Lake. No, the game wasn't called after three quarters.

How angry our Jazz fans? Well, let's ask Jazz fans themselves!

The best for me was watching Tag. He got the ball in the paint numerous times (Why? That is the question). Every time he got it the whole crowd would yell, "DON'T SHOOT IT!!" Sure enough, he'd shoot it, hit the bottom of the rim. I was thinking his shots could arguable count as turnovers.

We have a pitiful roster made up of role players who can't shoot straight, are injury prone and mostly brain dead.

Great. What's worse is that this one will be televised on KJAZZ, but after what the Knicks did to us I don't even have much deisre to watch what the Kings do to Palacio, Owens, Harpring, Memo & Tag.

Boozer status for tonight: Partly injured with highs of Pussness and lows in the pain threshhold.

Any Boozer ripping is OK with me. No one seems to know if Harpring will play, so let's go ahead and just whip the projected starting lineups:

PG - Deron Williams (Or Milt Palacio. Please Milt Palacio.)
SG - Devin Brown?
SF - Matt Harpring? Definitely not Andrei Kirilenko.
PF - One of the Collins brothers.
C  - The One and Only Greg Ostertag.

PG - Mike Bibby, leader of Team Dime, a group of fiercely loyal family members and friends that is not a gang.
SG - Bonzi Wells, purveyor of fine headbands.
SF - Peja Stojakovic, lover of Scott Skiles and the people of Illinois.
PF - Shareef Abdur-Rahim, model of consistency. Sometimes.
C  - Bradley Alan Miller, crying boy who dropped his ice cream.

The line: An astounding -10.5. I can't even comment on this. You can't tell me people are throwing money on the Kings right now and GIVING 10.5 FREAKING POINTS?!? Can you?

Fun bet o' the night: Will Greg Ostertag make some humor of Rick Adelman over the course of the game? Yes, -160. No, +130.

Sideshow most likely to be entertaining: The inside game. Miller and Reef have to be embarassed by the way Curry and Co. abused them inside Sunday night - I mean, Marty McNeal, a guy not known to be critical on players, is even taking shots at B-52. Can Okur and Ostertag look like All-Stars? If so, God help us.

Matchup of the night: It's hard to pick one when you don't know who's starting for the very injured Jazz. How about the Kings versus the fans? How many times will ARCO be filled with self-effacing boos tonight?

It's on, baby. The battle of the embarassed! The NBA - I love this game! This is a very open thread. Open for you.

Update [2005-11-15 23:19:47 by TZ]: Encouraging at the half. A 67.2% eFG from the starters. Also, a 65% assisted field goal rate, which means the offense is working. Ten players for Utah have played at least nine minutes; Kenny Thomas and Kevin Martin each have six minutes off the bench. Cinch that rotation, baby.