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The Rulers? Back.

THAT is Kings basketball.

Instead of talking about Mike Bibby's aggressiveness, Peja's sweet touch, a 43-point third quarter, 64% effective shooting from the starting 5, getting better than 30% of your offensive rebound opportunities, holding Mehmet Garnett to 5 points, a flawless five minutes from Ronnie Price, assisting more than 60% of your made field goals, cutting your turnovers substantially or getting some production from Kenny Thomas, I'm going to give you the best rapper alive:

I looked Death in the face years back
I held tears back, I gathered myself and stared back
I'm from where you don't crack, the weak don't live
You gotta bounce back homey, the streets don't give

- Jay-Z, "NYMP"

When you see a thoroughly encouraging performance like that, you know the oft-spouted declarations of the death of the Kings are vastly overstated.

Well, temporarily at least.

Your boys are back.