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NOTE: If You See Team Dime Outside of a Club, Do Not Approach. Just Walk the Other Way. Quickly.

Graswich this morning, apparently on a mission:

Sacramento police spent two hours last week interviewing two women who say they were attacked by friends of Kings guard Mike Bibby on a Sacramento street in September. Bibby watched the assault and did not participate, the women told police. "I have twins, and they turned 21, so we hired a limo and went out to celebrate," one victim said. "There were 13 of us. Some of us were waiting in the limo when some of the kids went up to the Blue Cue. My friend saw Mike Bibby outside and asked for an autograph. He signed a napkin, but someone thought he wrote something nasty. Words were exchanged, and then it escalated." A woman and man from Bibby's group opened the limo door and grabbed one of the twins, the women told police. "There was no way I was going to let them pull out my daughter, so I threw myself across her," the mother said. "The guy grabbed my arm and punched me on top of my head. I had bruises and a bump the size of a grapefruit."

If I'm Mike Bibby, I stop signing autographs. Graswich goes on to say that nothing nasty was written, only the standard "MB10." Ask for an autograph, get an autograph! Misread an autograph, get your face busted in! Sounds about right to me.

One problem I have with the victim: She's partying with her twin daughters on their 21st birthday at the Blue Cue? Hey, 40-something-trying-to-live-vicariously-through-your-offspring, leave those kids alone! What a fricking downer.

I know this is a longshot, but if anyone knows anything more about this or the MoMo incident (also in September - shouldn't MB10 have been at the practice facility at least some of these nights?), email me at (Replace the AT with an @.) Anonymity is absolutely guaranteed. Consider me Bob Woodward. (Don't laugh.)

P.S. Why is Graswich still reporting this? You have two police investigations, plus several club owners (including Randy Paragary) who've said Team Dime is trouble. I'm thinking this is something for the metro desk at this point? Why is a three-dot columnist tackling this story? (Other topics in Graswich's Friday column: great service at the DMV, a funny retired judge and a stolen license plate. Hot button issues, I know.) Hell, Graswich IS MARRIED TO one of the Bee's top crime reporters. Wait, wait... this is starting to make sense...