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MOMOGATE UPDATE: Graswich Answers Questions!

Ah, the power of the internets. I send R.E. Graswich an email with questions, he responds!

Here's Graswich's email in full:

i share all this stuff with editors before it's printed, including sports... i haven't talked to marty, but understand he has an established relationship with bibby as a former beat writer (marty took my job covering the kings about 13 years ago when i became a columnist) and believe bibby is comfortable talking to marty... sam talked to bibby but didn't get much; this speaks to the fact that sam is new on the beat, i believe... i don't know why the cops reporters aren't on this story... we have three of them, but i don't supervise them and the way they spend their time is beyond me... all i can say is, while they are off doing whatever it is they do, i feast on a wealth of material and share it with our readers...

The emphasis is mine. Thanks again to R.E. for answering my questions.

My personal feeling is still that if the Bee is going to pursue this story (which they kind of have to now), they should probably take it out of a three-dot columnist's hands. My opinion.