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GAME 9/82: vs. Milwaukee, Open Game Thread

Can the Kings really win two in a row?


PG - T.J. Ford
SG - Michael Redd
SF - Bobby Simmons
PF - Joe Smith
C  - Jamaal Magloire

PG - Mike "Not a Member of a Gang" Bibby
SG - Bonzi "The 6'5 Reggie Evans" Wells
SF - Peja "I Totally Don't Want to Go to Chicago, Yet" Stojakovic
PF - Shareef "The Midlevel" Abdur-Rahim
C  - Brad "Where's My Headband?" Miller

Fun bet o' the night: If this game were on TNT or ESPN, I'd say Redd-Peja comparisons. But Grant won't go there on News10. So, um, Jerry Reynolds references to effort, even though anyone can see that the Bucks are ten times more athletic than the Kings? 12.

The line: -4.5. The Kings have been the favorite in every game of the homestand. Does no one watch this team?

Sideshow most likely to be entertaining: The Bogey Man, who not only has the worst nickname in the history of organized basketball, but is already getting beat in the Rookie of the Year race by Chris Paul. Bogut has been good, but he's a Christian Laettner waiting to happen.

Matchup of the night: Kenny Thomas versus the World. Remember, Amick says, KT could've been a Buck if a KT-Dez Mason trade went through. He either needs to prove he's worth a trade like that or worth some more PT on the S-A-C.

I've got to prepare Chez TZ for what will surely be a thrilling contest. Let's GO KINGS!