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Well, Crap.

Um, there goes the 82-0 season.

In case you didn't hear the collective head of Sacramento explode Tuesday night, the Mighty Kings lost a nailbiter 93-67 in OKC.

The last time the Kings scored 67 or fewer points, you ask? Let's go with January 10, 1998, in a humiliating 42-point loss at San Antonio. Mitch Richmond shot 2 for 14 in that contest.

We're not going to really look at Tuesday's numbers too much. Hell, we might burn our tape of the game. (Tangent: One benefit of VCR over TiVo - you can't burn your TiVo when you really want to disown a particularly rancid performance. Well, you could. But you'd regret it. On second thought, after that game, you might not regret it.)

Some clowns will be yelling about how bad of a rebounding performance it was: 52 NOOCH! rebounds to 36 for SAC. Well, this is kind of misleading, because the Kings missed a lot more shots than the Hornets.

Both teams were crap on the offensive glass, getting right around 18 percent of their OReb opportunities each. So if you're looking for a positive, the Kings kinda cleaned the defensive glass. Sort of.

This sort of loss - to one of last season's worst teams, to a team whose big free agent acquisition was Rasual Butler, to a squad that's been displaced several hundred miles - is incredibly embarassing for a contender.

But we're not putting the paper bag over our heads yet. You can't win them all. If you're going to lose one, you might as well make it fun for somebody.

Have fun, Oklahoma City and New Orleans and Baton Rouge. Have fun.

(By the way, George Shinn made me ill even before the tip-off. If this guy owns a pro basketball team this time next year, something is wrong with the world. Can we please get a new ownership group for those fans?)

We'll leave you with this, Kings fans: 55 missed shots. That can't happen again, can it? Just shake your head and move along.

Peja said it best in the post-game: "It's going to be an interesting season."