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Is It Safe to Come Out Yet?

Bibby has been getting hammered by fans (see the Bleacher Mob for shrillness you probably won't find here). What's better? He's on "Wheel of Fortune" tonight. Let the DE_ENSE jokes begin.

For those of you that luckily missed the Hornets game, here's a handy recap in graphical form. We call it the "MoMeter":

As you can see, after about 35 total possessions, it was all downhill. You'd love to blame it on one stretch, but there were three horrible stretches in there - ravaging starters and bench players alike.

(Oh, the number on the Y-axis is the point margin - positive numbers are Kings leads and negative numbers are Kings deficits. The X-axis represents team possessions. For instance, when NOOCH missed a shot, that was one possession with no change in the margin. When NOOCH scored, that red line goes down. When the Kings scored, it went up. Get it?)

I've kind of ignored the media today - I haven't read Ailene or listened to 1140 or anything. Not even Sportscenter. Again, little valuable can be taken from Game 1, so let's look forward to Game 2 tonight in Houston.

Also, thanks to a reminder from the fine fellows at Gaslamp Ball, I'll be trying to participate in National Novel Writing Month. The idea is to write a 50,000-word novel (or part of a novel) in the month of November. I've been waiting for the right moment to start my own novel-writing exercise, and this looks like it.

So if posts start becoming incoherent at some point, forgive me. Writing is actually my day-job, and along with the myriad words I type in for this hobby, my brain will surely fry at some point. Wish me luck.