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Mostly Miscellany, Post-Tragedy #1 Edition

So, here's to hoping there's no "Sactown Royalty curse."

-- My preview of the league and the Kings for Sports Fan Magazine has been posted as a doubleheader with Jim from KingsSuperFans. Here's a sampling of mine:

Who is the NBA player, past or present, that is LEAST likely to be featured on MTV's "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous" knockoff "Cribs"?

Greg Ostertag, both because of his image and the logistics. He sold his sprawling Salt Lake home after signing with the Kings, only to get traded back to the Jerry Sloans. The offseason's most tragic story, really.

On a scale of 1-10, how tired of the San Antonio Spurs' success are you? (With "one" being not at all, and "ten" being the kind of pain you feel when you see Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes on the cover of a magazine at the supermarket.)

11. I had to stop myself from throwing my computer when I read that Finley signed with San Antonio. If David Stern knows what's good for the league, he puts a hit out of R.C. Buford. I'm not kidding about this. (Okay, I'm kind of kidding.)

Word Association time. When I say __, what's the first thing that comes to mind?

Mark Cuban: It's a crime that a man so rich can care so little about spelling and grammar.

Yao Ming: A hero to millions of Chinese youth, and not just those interested in sports.

Allen Iverson: Best one-on-one scorer I've ever seen.

LeBron James: A better Magic Johnson.

Bill Walton: A constant reminder of everything that was wrong with the 1970s.

Stephen A. Smith: The perfect example of everything that's wrong at ESPN.

David Stern: A modern-day Don Corleone.

And heeeeere's Jim:

Word Association time. When I say __, what's the first thing that comes to mind?

Mark Cuban: Luckiest Fantasy Basketball owner ever.

Yao Ming: Overhyped.

Allen Iverson: We talkin' 'bout practice, man.

LeBron James: The real deal.

Bill Walton: Oh, god... please make him stop!

Stephen A. Smith: Just talks for reaction where Bill Walton just freakin' talks!

David Stern: A man, in however a tight spot, who is just looking out for the best interest of his league.

Finally, where do you expect your team will finish, and what do you think its record will be? What one thing will "make or break" your season?

I see the Kings making a strong finish once they pull together and play within Adleman's system and within themselves. I'm going to guess and say 6th in the West with a record of 52 and 30 (it's gonna be tight).

The bane of the Kings has been injuries over the last few seasons. Geoff Petrie has jettisoned the injury prone for several role type players. If they can stay healthy and gel then there may be trouble in the West.

Check the whole thing out, along with the previews from other web personalities from around the nation. SR favorites Blog-A-Bull, Forum Blue and Gold and are among the other contributors.

-- The newest edition of the Carnival of the NBA can be found here.

-- My circulatory system dies a little bit every time I see a Carl's Jr commercial. Ugh.

-- The whole jet-lag excuse for the Kings' craptastic performance being pushed by Grant Napear is somewhat understandable. After driving seven hours to Disneyland, my performance on Buzz Lightyear's Astro Blasters was rather poor.

-- Expect a full comparison of Comcast Sports Net's pregame with News10's sometime tomorrow. Kozimor versus Schornack. Tank Thompson versus Cristina Mendonsa. It's on. Sactown Royalty: Doing the important crap no one else will.