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GAME 2/82: At Houston, Open Game Thread

Since it's obvious how useful Tuesday night's open thread was, here's another.

I'm 0-1 on opponents' starting line-ups, so take the following with a grain of salt:


PG - Rafer Alston
SG - David Wesley
SF - Tracy McGrady
PF - Juwan Howard
C  - Yao Ming

PG - Mike Sajak
SG - Bonzo
SF - Peja Goodfeet
PF - The Midlevel
C  - B-52

The line is at +7.5, with an over/under at 190. The under was the safe bet yesterday. I wouldn't bet on the Kings with someone else's money right now.

Here are my keys to the game (guaranteed to be at least 20 percent more valuable/coherent than Jerry Reynolds'):

  • Score more than 67 points.
  • Don't miss 55 field goal attempts.
  • If you must miss 55 field goal attempts, try to get 15 or more offensive rebounds.
  • If you're in the third quarter, and you're shooting 31 percent from the floor as a team, just dribble around and tried to get fouled. It's less embarassing.
Those are your keys to the game.

I don't expect a win, though after last night, nothing would surprise me. T-Mac isn't 100 percent, and he's a noted slow-starter. Also, Jeff Van Gundy may be hit by a bus before the game if Vito Stern is in the area. Also, the Kings having two historically bad offensive performances in a row could get Adelman fired before Veteran's Day. Adelman isn't pleased at that prospect.

Um, let's go Kings! Feel the deep and unsettling worry!