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The Good, The Bad and Cedric Diggory

Two things quickly:

  • Whoops, sorry about not getting a Sunday game thread up. I'm sure hundreds of you were disappointed.
  • Also sorry I've been absent two days. Won't happen again.
I missed Sunday's game at Seattle due to Harry Potter and a clambake. So everything I say about it will be off the game recaps and the box score.

Looking at the gameflow from Popcorn Machine, it looks like the first half was eerily similar to Friday's first half against Milwaukee. In short, the Kings should have been ahead by many more points at halftime.

Here's the thing about the Seattle game, though: Peja has to take more than four shots in the second half, gimpy finger or not. When you're 9 for 10 from the field in the opening two quarters, you absolutely need to keep testing your range. I don't care if you miss two or three - keep shooting the ball. You are Peja fricking Stojakovic. It's not a matter of him not scoring in the second half, it's a matter of not taking nearly enough shots.

Brad Miller had a tremendous box score game, but I hear those missed free throws were particularly costly. I'm disappointed in the bench - if the rotation is eight deep, one of Kevin Martin or Jason Hart needs to pour in 6-8 points consistently.

I won't get too worked up over the game, though - Bibby hits his shot (which he has done before), and we're on a three-game winning streak coming into a battle with the Champs on our floor. And we did just beat a quite good Bucks team a few days ago, handily I might add.

It's not horribly bad to be a Kings fan.