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Nike Execs in Peril over Portland

A jet carrying four Nike executives has landing gear problems and will need to crash land within two or three hours. Three Oregon airports, including PDX, are prepared.

No word on who is up there yet. Will update when I find out.

Update [2005-11-21 14:52:9 by TZ]: Phil Knight isn't on board, says the AP.

Update [2005-11-21 15:4:28 by TZ]: Nike CEO/President William Perez is on board, according to Fox News.

Update [2005-11-21 15:9:29 by TZ]: They're now reporting that the plane will attempt to land in less than five minutes.

Update [2005-11-21 15:11:43 by TZ]: Someone fixed the problem. The news guys seem a little disappointed. I'm not.