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Mostly Miscellany, Thanksgiving Eve

Because bloggers don't get extended holidays...

The web version of The Bee has failed to tell me the chances of Peja sitting out tonight. It simply says that he's day-to-day. I mostly think that's why there's no line for tonight's game - no one knows if the guy will suit up.

Speaking of suits, here are my extended thoughts about Monday's game:

  • I vomited in the second quarter, and it wasn't due to the Kings performance. It was the performance of the Comcast technicians: For about 10 minutes, the feed was shaky and fuzzy and dim. I had a Blair Witch flashback. Couldn't get Dramamine fast enough.
  • I know this was said a lot in the 2004 playoffs when Tony Parker was running circles around the Lakers, but would it kill someone to just lay the lumber on him when he drives to the baseline and floats there, looking for a open man? He's French - he'll seriously think twice about it once pummelled (unless he knows he has big, powerful allies coming over). I might be more annoyed by TeePee than I am by Balki. Good grief, what an annoying team.
  • Gregg Popovich: The mullet will not get you extra Coach of the Year votes. There's a reason the NHL in the #5 major league.
  • Not sure I understand why Shareef got a technical. But he didn't seem to mind. I did understand why Bonzi got a technical, and he did seem to mind. Shows how much I know.
  • Either Kenny Thomas has a really good relationship with Francisco Garcia where he feels comfortable enough to yell at him about coming to double Tim Duncan (and fouling him), or Kenny Thomas is a very self-assured defender.
  • Of all the disappointments on this team so far, Brian Skinner has been the biggest. He's not doing anything but taking up space when on the floor. Truly discouraging after a mammoth preseason filled with jumpers, blocks and putbacks. We need that Brian Skinner.
  • Fabricio Oberto: Funny-looking from a distance, rockstar lookalike from up close.
  • It's amazing that Pop took Duncan out when he got his fifth foul. Pop knows as well as everyone that no ref is going to a sixth foul against Tim Duncan in a close game.
  • The league is going to figure out Manu Ginobili one of these days, as if he was Barry Zito. He's flashy, but he can be stopped.
  • Peja can do better on the suit. Remember, P, you're an upcoming free agent! You gotta look money, all the time.
Still no word on the standings in the NBA celebrity fantasy league. If I'm Bill Simmons, I start releasing results so that a nasty rumor about losing handily to Star Jones doesn't surface.

Speaking of Simmons: I really have no idea what to make of Jimmy Kimmel segment at halftime of the Monday night Packers-Vikings game. Also, I really have no idea what to make of Simmons' shoes in said segment. Especially after seeing him rocking shell-toe Adidas in the NY Times piece.

Last Simmons item: The controversy over Renee Herlocker is stupid, and the Intern is a jerk for not giving a link to YAYsports!, even after admitting someone had already made her (semi-)famous. It shows a certain out-of-touchness.

Another sign fantasy sports are inherently evil: I've been openly rooting for Kobe to score 40 a night. Yes, that Kobe. I'm going to hell.

Nice shootout between Gonzaga and Michigan State last night. Adam Morrison is like Kyle Korver with driving ability. I turned it on near the end of regulation. Tom Izzo really takes the fun out of Hawaiian shirts, no?

Back later with an awesomely robust game preview.