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The Gawen Deangelo Wells Fanclub

Thank you, Bonzi.

Thank you for sparing the city of Sacramento and fans of the Kings franchise from further embarassment at the hands of those hosers from Toronto.

Thank you for providing a media blowup on Thanksgiving Day. Good times.

Thank you for calling out Peja (allegedly). By the time he plays Tuesday against Charlotte, he will have sat out for eight days because of a sprained pinky. Yeah, max money is looking less attractive. Meanwhile, your finger has apparently been mangled since opening week. Your guts and determination are very much valued.

Thank you for pulling down 14.2 percent of all available rebounds this season - more than Brad Miller and Shareef Abdur-Rahim and Brian Skinner and Peja Stojakovic.

Thank you for being the cajones of this team - hitting Rafael F. Araujo when he's taking over the game, getting in Eddie F. Rush's face when he's calling a biased game and throwing those 'bows. It's appreciated.

Thank you for keeping the headband alive. I thought it was D-U-N done when Brad Miller disposed of his. But between you and MB10, we're fine in the style department.

Thank you for not getting caught with pot, not yelling at Coach Adelman, not getting suspending, not getting ejected, not dropkicking the ball into the stands and not being a knucklehead. Because you know, the only knock against bringing you to the Capital City was your perceived bad attitude and chemistry-killer nature. You've proved the critics wrong. Even more, you've created the chemistry on this team. Without you right now, this team is 12 guys jogging around with little purpose, little fire.

Thank you, Bonzi.