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Mostly Miscellany, 11/28

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Oh my god it's cold outside. I didn't sign up for this.

  • Ailene Voisin waits until now to tell us that Mike Bibby has been trying to shed pounds since late preseason after his failed bulking up experiment in the offseason. I'm definitely going to write a separate, full post on this, but how dumb is adding all sorts of muscle mass when you're a point guard on the cusp of superstardom? I mean, things have worked out pretty well up to now, right? So you abandon your offseason program completely when you should be entering the prime of your career, and instead take up weightlifting? Christ, dude.
  • Oh, how I would have loved to be having biscotti with David Stern when the Pacers game came on. Wow.
  • Hey Kobe: My fantasy team thanks you for scoring lots and lots of points. Also, my real-life favorite team thanks you for not helping your team win games. Your prolonged individual success and team failure is a real win-win for me.
  • The Monday after Thanksgiving is possibly the worst day in the history of office jobs.
  • The Bee has its share of hack columnists, make no mistake. But I think Marcos Breton takes the cake. Not because of his Sunday column, mind you, which was rather on-target (we said similar things as he on Saturday morning). But because his gutless pre-accusation defense. Note to writers: When you defend your column as not critical of a certain player before anyone accuses you of being critical of a certain player in your column, it reveals that you did actually intend to be critical of said player, but don't want to bear the reprecussions of said criticisms, which may include continued access, timely column fodder and/or foot massages.
  • Oddjack is closing down this week, which might make us the blog that most cares about Sacramento's performance against the spread at home when Peja does not play. Oddjack was also the first huge blog to complement me in possibly a back-handed, tongue-in-cheek sort of way. Though, I guess they weren't so huge after all. Let's just chalk it up to "The Curse of Tom Ziller." (Also, AJ Daulerio, along with being a nice guy, is one of the better writers on the Web. His The Black Table, co-edited by Deadspin's Will Leitch, is the standard for snarky Web literati. He will be huge someday. Huge.)
Our post on Mike Bibby's Arnold complex may or may not be written sometime today. Good luck dodging the rain drops and lightning bolts.