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God Save the Kings, Day 2

It's Day 2 of our "God Save the Kings" campaign. Day 1 brought kind words of encouragement from True Hoop and an always valuable link from Deadspin. Also, the always jolly Jody at the Bleacher Mob liked the Weezer riff. Awesome.

Day 2? Well, my socks are wet thanks to a parking lot puddle. Thanks, Mother Nature and uneven asphalt.

We have a whopping three signatures on the petition now. We're about 0.01732% the way to our goal - it's definitely in sight now.

Excuse my sarcasm, and pardon the poor Goya impersonation to the right. Also, if you're reading this Mike Bibby, I apologize for erasing your neck. I'm not nearly as creative as YAYsports!, where The Cavalier provides not only Peja fan-fiction but also a Joe Johnson "Choose Your Own Adventure". Yeah, defnitely not that creative.

But we're not just going to throw up a bad Photoshop job and run, no. Ladies and gentlemen, your first batch of "God, Save Our Kings Haiku".

Today, King Michael III:

"Bibby, our point guard
Has a group of pals - Team Dime;
It is not a gang.

Drinking at MoMo's,
The team runs into trouble -
Or so Graswich writes.

Mike defends himself,
"My boys didn't start nothing!"
No one believes him.

Mike looks hecka strong -
Maybe an Arnold complex?
He's shedding mass now.

His cold streak over,
Mike looks to get All-Star berth.
Could be only King.

Will he get tired
Playing thirty-five minutes?
Come on! He's a man."

And there you have it: mediocre haiku from a mediocre blog! Look for more in the harrowing days ahead, while we try to convince the world that we deserve the Kings.

(And really, what better way than bad poetry and humorously-unconvincing art?)

Save our Kings!