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Mostly Miscellany, 11/3

The "Sactown Royalty Curse" lives on...

- Have a new MoMeter, which shows how Bibby killed the Kings in the 3rd quarter.

If the guy goes 4-11 and we pull within a possession in the last five minutes. Also, if he goes 4-11 instead of 2-11, he may actually touch the ball in the 4th quarter.

  • Sactown Royalty has been bouncing in and out of the top 15 on the unaptly named "Sacramento Top 25" ranking. Feel free to help me out by clicking clicking clicking. (SR is already the top Kings-centric site per the rankings, by the way. I haven't won 4 Dottie Awards, though.)
  • It's early, but the Lakers, Warriors and Clippers are all tied for first place. No word on the temperature in Hades.
  • New SBNation site: Windy City Gridiron, a Chicago Bears blog. Cross-sport domination is imminent.
  • Yao's facial is, um, interesting. Is there a name for that? The "Attila"? We're accepting nominations.
  • Matt Barnes is impressing New Yawkers as the starting small forward for the Knickerbockers. This guy not getting a Kings' training camp invite is a slightly infuriating mystery.
  • After seeing the box score and some clips from the Cavs-NOOCH tilt, I have this theory: the Hornets will be one of those teams that always competes at home (well, in Oklahoma City and Baton Rouge - not exactly home) and wins like two road games all season. Too easy to rattle.
  • Bill Simmons pulls a Ric Bucher and predicts a 39-43, non-playoff finish for the Kings. (He has the Clippers winning the Pacific with 45 wins.) Also, this funny-if-retarded nugget:
Your eight-man rotation for the Kings this season: Mike Bibby, Peja Stojakovic, Bonzi Wells, Shareef Abdur-Rahim, Brad Miller, Kenny Thomas, Morrissey, Trent Reznor.

All right, I made the last two up. But from a chemistry standpoint, has there ever been a more depressing team than the Kings? All of these guys carry themselves like Charlie Sheen in "Ferris Bueller" -- you might not see a single smile from a Kings starter this season. (Poor Rick Adelman should just start dressing in all black like Richard Lewis.) Seriously, I like Geoff Petrie, but how could he slap together a nucleus like that without passing out complimentary Prozac during games? I'm depressed just writing about these guys -- instead of warmup jackets in the layup lines, they should wear trench coats. I see these guys playing the part of brooding underachievers for a few months, then Adelman getting fired and being replaced by either Katie Couric or Richard Simmons.

Again, funny but retarded.

Enjoy the day off! No Kings game means no migrane! Feel the relief!