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NOTE: I'm Not Selling Wolf Tickets.

Just in case you thought this whole "God Save Our Kings" thing was a ruse:

Joe Maloof said the owners received the written proposal shortly before the Thanksgiving weekend. He said they need more time to evaluate the plan, but added, "There's an opportunity here."

Tsakopoulos did not sound optimistic on Tuesday, however.

"We want the Kings to stay, and we want to do whatever we can to make that happen," he said.

"I don't know what's going to happen, but I have to say, I don't think the chances are very good."

Emphasis mine. Here's the short version: rumors surface that the Maloofs filed for relocation with the league (everyone, including David Stern, denies that), rumors of a new Tsakopoulos proposal surface, Tsakopoulos and the Maloofs confirm it without detailing anything about the plan save that it's similar to the one that crapped out in North Natomas.

Meanwhile, Tsakopoulos - a really powerful guy in the mold of A.G. Spanos and one who isn't someone who will shy away from self-aggrandizement, from what I've seen - says he has little confidence in his plan. In fact, you can't find one person excited about the plan (and it seems no one but Tsakopoulos and the Maloofs have seen it).

What's more? A hysterical ("bizarrely excited hysterical," not "humorous hysterical") column from Ailene Voisin talks about Anaheim, Anaheim, Anaheim. The trifecta that did the news story previously referenced also bang the Anaheim drum, talking to the chairman of Anaheim's Arrowhead Pond Arena Michael Schulman (of whom I will make an effigy later today) about how much better Anaheim would be for the franchise.

Schulman dodges a question about meeting with the Maloofs, which, in essence, means they met. If they haven't, he'd just say so. So Anaheim is apparently a real option for Joe and Gavin.

The Bee's story also emphasizes that nothing is keeping the Kings here. The only obligation the Maloofs have to the city is the $70 million they owe because of loans the city made to the team during the Jim Thomas era. So once the NBA approves it, they can be gone tomorrow.

These developments are very, very disturbing, and only intensify my fear that the unbelievable may happen.

More on this (and maybe even on the game last night) later. I'll just leave you with the quote that put my heart rate through the ceiling, from Ailene's column:

"Any reports of anyone talking about an application (for relocation) are categorically untrue," an exasperated NBA Commissioner David Stern said from his office Tuesday. "There is nothing going on. But the question is still whether this deal is going to get done."

Dark times, Kings fans.