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GAME 3 of 82, at Phoenix, Open Game Thread

Gotta get this up early, because I know the anticipation to talk Kings vs. Suns is killing you all.

Your starting lineups:

PG - Steve Nash
SG - Raja Bell
SF - James Jones
PF - Shawn Marion
C  - Kurt Thomas

PG - Grandpa Bibby
SG - Bonzi Wallace
SF - Keyshawn Stojakovic
PF - The Midlevel Exception
C  - Divac II

If Bibby's going to light it up soon, this is the game. Nash is probably as bad or worse than Mike on defense.

I would expect 95+ points from each team, regardless.

The Suns are 4 point favorites. Might be fun to tease it out to 7 in a parlay. Might be.

Let's go KINGS! (4:30 p.m. pregame on Comcast SportsNet, 5 p.m. tip.)