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Mostly Miscellany, 11/6

Now that T.O. is sitting, the nightcap choice should be clear...right? Right?

  • Tracy McGrady is out for three weeks. That should concern Houston fans a great deal. It would concern me, had I picked TMac in my fantasy league. But I didn't.
  • Your early division leaders: The New Jersey Nets, the Detroit Pistons/Milwaukee Bucks, the Washington Wizards, the Utah Jazz, the Los Angeles Clippers and, well, every team in the Southwest but Houston.
  • Only Atlanta and Sacramento have yet to play a home game.
  • The Bucks are looking good at 3-0 and scoring 110 a game. With no disrespect to Terry Stotts, you almost wonder if Terry Porter couldn't gotten the same out of this squad. Porter would definitely be my top choice should Adelman get the axe. (Are we really already talking about that?)
  • When you're 3-0 and headlines are reading "Clippers off to best start in 20 years," that says more about your team history than your team's quality, right?
  • As unwatchable as NFL Sunday Countdown already is, when there's Terrell Owens news, it's twice as bad. What's going to happen first: Sal Paolantonio punches a cameraman, smoke comes out of Chris Mortensen's ears, or Ron Jaworski has a heart attack? Now accepting bets.