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That collective sigh of relief you heard? The Kings won last night, 118-117 in Phoenix.

Sam Amick totally stole my lede, so I'll just point out the obvious: Peja took 21 shots.

The offense was definitely back on track - everything looks a lot smoother when shots are falling. When I talked about needing an easy button, I didn't imagine the Suns - trying to fight off the charges that they'll suck sans Amare - would provide it.

But one Brian Grant possession later, and there you go. Why was he even in the game? I know Kurt Thomas had fouled out and Brian's the only other serviceable big. But I'm guessing a small lineup could've gotten a better shot off. The Kings weren't getting the ball back either way.

The rotation was whittled down pretty close to eight players. It looks like Adelman is willing to give Shareef some time at center, and it didn't seem horrible last night.

The starters played really high minutes. But had they sat just a bit longer, this game could've been lost.

Oh, and if Shareef is just teasing us with his offensive rebounding acumen, consider me fooled. One of the more active guys on the offensive glass I've ever seen in a Kings uni.

Ah, the sweet feeling of relief. Enjoy it.