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GAME 4/82: Vs. Detroit, Open Game Thread, HOME OPENER

It's the 2005 Sacramento Kings' home opener! Woohoo!

I'm not going. (Blah, election night. It's like a journalist's Hell Week, all wrapped up in like five hours. I'd complain, but my co-workers would immediately shoot me.)

Please feel free to send your own photos from the game to tziller AT I'd love to run them here, and also to make you famous as far as Sacramento Kings fans go. Bonus points for a) making it funny or b) giving visual propers to SR.

And here are YOUR projected starting lineups:

PG - Chauncey Billups
SG - Richard Hamilton
SF - Tayshaun Prince
PF - Rasheed Wallace
C  - Ben Wallace

PG - Banned in the S.A.C.
SG - The Original Chuck Wells
SF - Keyshawn Stojakovic
PF - Webber 2.0 BETA
C  - B-52

(One of my stupid-ass names must stick at some point. Your votes in the comments section, please.)

The line: The Kings are 2-point home underdogs. So, um, I'd wager on Sacramento. (Did I just say that?)

Fun bet o' the night: Over/under on consecutive seizures experienced by noted columnist R.E. Graswich should Mike Bibby have a MVP season and should Arnold Schwarzenegger win re-election next November: 12.

**BONUS Fun bet o' the night: Will Sam Amick reference the special election in the lede of his game recap? Yes: -160; No: +130.

Matchup to Watch: 'Sheed v. 'Reef. The Midlevel has been dynamo on the offensive glass so far this season, but Detroit is the best rebounding team this century. Can SAR cause enough problems to keep the rebounding percentages close?

Sideshow Most Likely to Entertain: The Darko Milicic Experience is finally in full effect (he's averaging 9.3 minutes per night under Flip Saunders). Let's hope his idolization of Big Brother Peja overwhelms him, causing a yellowish puddle on the ARCO floor.

Alright... let's go KINGS! (Feel free to post comments before, during and after the game. Also, feel free to discuss the special election. Partisan hackery encouraged.)