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Err, Back to the Drawing Board

If that game wasn't eerily reminiscent of Game 1 in Oklahoma City, then I don't know what to say.

For those who instead focused on Pamela Wu's coverage of the special election, the Kings got pounded 102-88 in the home opener versus Detroit.

Don't get me wrong - Detroit is much better than the Hornets and the Kings won't be the only squad to shoot less than 50 percent shooting against the Pistons this season.

As could have been reasonably expected, SAC's rebounding was rather poor. They took 24.3 percent of their offensive rebounding opportunities and let the Pistons pull in 37.1 percent of their o-board opps. That, my friends, is poor.

Detroit is a fantastic rebounding team, and has been for three seasons now. The Kings don't seem to have a way to get around that right now - if a squad keeps Shareef and Bonzi off the offensive glass, their effectiveness decreases. If the Kings can't keep their opponents off their own misses, they're screwed.

How should the Kings play great offensive-rebounding teams? Should Skinner play more against those teams? Play the penetration and post and let them beat you with jumpers? Try to run out and get some fast break opportunities to at least make the other team think about sending a couple guys back on D?