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Embarassment, Part II

Note to all entertainment professionals: Making fun of poor people generally isn't funny.

From the Bee:

When images of some depressed areas in Detroit were shown on the overhead video during the Pistons' introductions Tuesday, Detroit assistant coaches cried foul. So did Mike Abdenour, in his 27th season with the Pistons as a trainer, who said it was "inappropriate" and said he will call the NBA office to complain today. Arco Arena video folks said the images weren't meant to offend the Pistons.
"It was a terrible mistake," said Maloof Sports and Entertainment spokesperson Sonja Brown. "It's not us, and it's not the way we do things around here. We apologize to the Pistons and the city of Detroit."

A terrible mistake that someone thought up, wrote out, produced and probably had approved. Yeah.

From the always insightful (in matters of sex, booze, human growth hormones and homosexuality, as it were) Deadspin:

We really can't imagine what would happen if they really do these lead-ins for every team. John Wayne Gacy photos for the Bulls? When Denver comes to town, do they show Kobe on the scoreboard? And, heck, they'd have all kinds of choices when NOOCH came to town.

Let's hope clips of Len Bias and Reggie Lewis weren't being prepped for when the Celtics visit. Making fun of the impoverished is one thing, but making fun of the dead just crosses the line.

Also, people in Sacramento making fun of another city? I love the S.A.C. as much as the next guy. There's definitely something about a black, black kettle that should be in play here, though.

I mean, Christ, we live in a state that elected ARNOLD f'n SCHWARZENEGGER to govern us! Our collective judgment is already suspect.

Sacramento dissing Detroit is like Steve Rushin telling you your wife is ugly. The guy is married to Rebecca Lobo - his opinion on matters of beauty and the female form is officially moot. I mean, what's next? Dixon residents making fun of Galt? George W. Bush laughing at Jacques Chirac? Nagasaki taunting Hiroshima?

A low point for Sacramento, says I.

(Note: If you were at the game and saw the video in question, please email us at or leave your thoughts in the comments.)