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GAME 21/82, vs. NOOCH!, Open Game Thread

My comments about the Seattle game are below. Further down, I look at the short list for our post-Adelmania head coach. Here, a brief look at tonight's blood battle against the f'n NOOCH!.

Your starting lineups:
PG - Chris Paul
SG - J.R. Smith
SF - Dez Mason
PF - David West
C  - P.J. Brown

PG - Mike "Invisible in the Gold Jersey" Bibby
SG - Air Bonzi
SF - Peja "I'm Totally Way Better than Vlad Radmanovic" Stojakovic
PF - Shareef "If Ray Allen Wants a Real Flagrant, I'll Give Him a Flagrant" Abdur-Rahim
C  - The Congressman (No, really.)

The line: -7. Don't underestimate the vengeance factor here. Congressman Miller may single-handedly break Mr. West into smallish pieces. Chris Paul will probably drop 25, but a very proud Bibby might get 30.

Fun bet o' the night: Bonzi's field goal attempts. I'm guessing 20. He may have to be handcuffed after his lights out Saturday.

Sideshow most likely to be entertaining: Adelmania is in full effect. Will he attempt to be the wholly different coach he was in Seattle in ARCO? It'd be rather funny if he did.

Best matchup: Bibby v. Paul. I doubt either will be stopped.

Six o'clock start on Comcast, folks. Let's win another! Woohoo!