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First Breath After Coma

Well, that was fun.

The last time the Kings thoroughly dominated a team, I smugly quoted Jay-Z and that "the oft-spouted declarations of the death of the Kings are vastly overstated." Of course, that was November 15, before the team forgot how to win at home.

Needless to say, I'm going to be a little more measured in my reaction this morning.

No Kings fan could watch Saturday's game and not be reminded of what we thought this team could do this season. I mean, 110 points from the starting five? At least 15 points a piece from each of the starters, one of which played limited minutes? 68.2% effective FG overall? Only a handful of teams in the league can put up numbers like that, and despite the struggles the Kings have had, they're one of them.

So yeah, it was fun. It won't be the norm, though. And there will be hiccups - maybe even more losing streaks. Rick Adelman seemed to be coaching for his career last night, barking instructions on every possession, getting in players' faces, even benching Peja after two careless turnovers.

But he knows as well as we do that you can't change your team's discipline in one game. For example, Shareef was shooting free throws in the fourth quarter. The Kings, up by 18 or 20, had just given a couple of easy transition layups after made shots - they just weren't getting back and getting set. So in between free throws, Adelman tells Bibby something. When the camera zooms in on Bibby getting into position, he's yelling to his teammates, "Hey everybody, run back. Everybody run back!"

Guess how many players ran back? None.

So there's still a host of issues - a lack of leadership from anyone chief among them. But a win is a win, and a road win feels twice as nice, especially against those guys.

Here's hoping the Kings can make it two tonight, and get to .500 at home.