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Who's This Guy Coaching The Kings, and What Did He Do With Rick Adelman?

We must protect this house!
It's almost as if Rick Adelman is very simply trying to rub Kings fans' faces in it, knowing how much we collectively want him gone.

He's breaking out all the stops - calling plays, emphasizing defense, pumping fists. He's made a list of all of our complaints and has tried to address them. He seriously must anticipate that his job is on the line.

It's like Adelman got fired and we got a whole new, experienced coach. I can't complain, honestly, as I hold nothing personal against R.A. I'm just glad we're back on a winning streak.

Three players had 23 points, Peja was lights out, Brad had his second-straight 10-assist game, the team had nine blocks (Francisco had three) and the fourth-quarter defense was good.

And while the Kings played within the system on offense, they weren't chained to it - they abused Speedy Claxton in the first quarter by going to Bonzi three or four consecutive possessions. They let Shareef get some work on the block. Even Peja went to the hole a few times.

Encouraging, again, like Saturday's game. But all told, this team should be beating the Hornets at home. To get Sacramento's confidence back in the Kings, the team needs to win two of the next four game, maybe even three.

Beating either Detroit or San Antonio in their gyms would definitely be a statement that none of the starters need to be traded, that this team can win. Let's see how Peja - the most likely trade candidate in the starting five - responds to that gauntlet.