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Mostly Miscellany, 12/13

Is it just me, or is "The Waterboy" reaching "Roadhouse"-esque levels of presence on TBS?

  • On Artest: I was floored when I saw the Sunday story from Indianapolis. I was floored when I saw Walsh's statements from Monday. I'm floored Petrie hasn't finished this trade yet. In short - yes, I think Ron Artest in Sacramento would be not only infinitely entertaining but also highly beneficial to the team. I was thinking about making sweeping "Rasheed Wallace in 2004" statements, but pre-Rasheed Detroit in 2004 was probably better than pre-Artest Sacramento is in 2005/06. Having Artest instead of Peja would be raise my hopes of a deep playoff run or championship greatly, though. Nothing against Peja. Artest is a championship-level defender, though - add that to his All-Star level offensive ability and you get a player rarely available for such a cheap price (that price being six months of Peja).
  • Over/under on months until Stan Van Hedgehog gets another NBA gig: 8. I'm going with the under.
  • Sirius will soon launch a 24-hour NBA channel, and will apparently broadcast every game (if they don't already - I don't have Sirius, and the story isn't clear). More NBA is never a bad thing.
  • JD at Red Reporter is running the 2005 Sports Blogs Awards. You can nominate your favorite sports blogs in this thread. Voting will start Dec. 20. I think things like this are good for sportsblogging in general, and in turn good for sports fans. The more recognition bloggers get, the more incentive for them to continue. The more they write, the more varied coverage you get of your teams.
  • Look at Chris Webber, beating Kevin Garnett. Thanks, CWebb. Overtime tends to tire teams out, and the Kings will like going against a tired team tonight.
That's about it for now. Pregame chatter coming this afternoon. Until then, get some work done!