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GAME 22/82, at Minnesota, Open Game Thread

I'd be very pleased with a win. But really, I just don't want to see something like what happened a week ago.

Let's get to the lineups:
PG - Marko Jaric
SG - Wally Sczerbiak (Did I spell that right? I'm totally not checking.)
SF - Trenton Hassell
PF - Le Ticket Grand
C  - Michael Olowokandi

PG - Not Guilty
SG - Reformed
SF - Packing
PF - Impressing
C  - Unselfish

The line: +4.5. I'd take the Kings - they can win or keep it real close.

Fun bet o' the night: KG vengeance dunks on Shareef or B-52 vengeance assists on KG - who will have more?

Sideshow most likely to be entertaining: The Peja Showcase. He seems to be the best match for an Artest trade, even if it's in a three-team deal. Posey to Sac, anyone?

Best matchup: Shareef vs. Garnett, without doubt. I might just ignore everyone else.

Enjoy the game - 5 p.m. start. Let's go Kings!