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Mostly Miscellany, 12/14

Holy crap. Christmas is in a week and a half? I missed the memo.

  • Pete Carril may be heading back to Jersey after this season, either to be an assistant on Lawrence Frank's staff or just to walk off into the sunset, according to Dave D'Alessandro. Pete's whole family is back there, and I can't imagine the grind is something Coachie likes to deal with at this point in his life.
  • Manu "The Sickness" Ginobili will miss his date with the Kings later this week after spraining his foot in practice Monday. He'll be out at least a week, according to Popovich.
  • My Chris Webber bobblehead has requested a trade to a different cubicle following yesterday's post on Mayce vs. Julius. Like Donnie Walsh, I will entertain all offers. I don't need a bobblehead messing up my desk's chemistry. Even if the Webber bobblehead is an elite talent.
  • The Carnival of the NBA #21 is up at one of our favorite blogs ever - YAYsports!. It is in two parts. Enjoy.
Pistons preview coming soon.