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Well, At Least Mo Evans Didn't Pummel The Crap Out of Us

I really expected Mo to drop 20 on us; it was like a classic "former King who could probably really help the team these days" game, like the ones Corliss had in Detroit, Trashbag James had in Seattle and Darius will surely have later this season.

But Mo didn't need to have a big game. Truth be told, I'm kind of surprised the Kings only lost by 11 - with the way Les Pistons were shooting and the fact that it was the vaunted fourth game in five nights for Les Rois. Of course, the spread was 10.5, so I'm sure many people were rooting for a final Ronnie Price runner.

Plenty of time to rest up - the Kings have a few days until Saturday's match with the Spurs sans Balki. I'm guessing they get to revel in everything San Antonio today and practice tomorrow. Texan fathers, keep your daughters within arms reach tonight.

In other news...

  • Jermaine O'Neal wants our Bonzi. He said he'd fit into the system perfectly, and he's actually pretty spot-on. O'Neal's quote about why it might take Peja time to adjust if he were to go to Indy is hilarious, as well: "If Peja was brought to this team, we'd do what we can do to help him get into our style of play. ... We don't run around, we don't do the fancy passes, we don't do any of that stuff." Awesome.
  • The Nets will make a substantial trade in the next couple days. They sat Marc Jackson, Jeff McInnis AND Zoran Planinic last night. Something's in the works.
  • Today is the first day guys signed this offseason can be traded, so there's to be at least some activity. Along with the three Nets mentioned above, here are some other guys expected to be available (not all of which signed this offseason): Stromile Swift, Chris Wilcox, Earl Watson, Kenyon Martin, Dan Gadzuric (maybe?), Jared Jeffries, Quentin Richardson, Chucky Atkins, Voshon Lenard, Jalen Rose. I'd love to bring Gadz to Sacramento, depending on the price.
  • The Kenny Thomas Watch is officially on. I can see him being peddled for a backup guard or swingman, both to rid the albatross of a contract and to free up some PT for Skinner and Corliss.
We'll be back later with... something.