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GAME 24/82, at San Antonio, Open Game Thread

We're going going, back back, to Texas Texas.

Sorry for the lack of posts yesterday - we're working on something we think y'all will enjoy. To the lineups!

PG - Froggy Parker
SG - Michael Finley
SF - Bruce the Penguin
PF - Timmeh
C  - Rasho Nesterovic

PG - Leading Scorer
SG - Leading Rebounder
SF - Leading... uh...
PF - Leading Blocker
C  - Leading Assister

The line: -9. San Antonio is 11-0 against the spread at home so far, and the Kings 2-9 against the spread as an underdog.

Fun bet o' the night: Michael Finley points. I don't think he can put up two big games in a row, but who knows.

Sideshow most likely to be entertaining: Mike Budenholzer. Well, if I was at the game, I'd be looking at Mike Budenholzer. You know, because he's a good coaching option should Adelman, you know, not continue coaching the team.

Best matchup: I'll take Brad Miller vs. Rasho Nesterovic. Bonzi should be able to make Finley pay, and hopefully Peja can hit a few shots against the Penguin. But if Brad can run the offense somewhat efficiently, this game can be had.

Ladies and gentlemen, 5:30 p.m. start. Enjoy!