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A Long December

Some recent posts at the fantastic got me thinking: which King has had the best performance of the season so far?

Well, I haven't crunched the numbers for November just yet, but I finished plugging in all the December box scores into The All-Knowing Mathematical Calculation Device. Using John Hollinger's Game Scores method, here are the top 10 single-game performances in December by members of the Sacramento Kings:

Name    DATE         Opp      GameScore
Wells    12/10/05    at SEA     23.8
Reef     12/11/05    vs NOH    21.5
Wells    12/11/05    vs NOH    20.2
Miller    12/10/05    at SEA     20.0
Reef     12/17/05    at SAS    19.8
Wells    12/06/05    vs CLE    19.6
Reef     12/06/05    vs CLE    19.2
Reef     12/10/05    at SEA    19.2
Bibby    12/10/05    at SEA    17.6
Miller    12/08/05    vs HOU    17.4

The Wells and Reef show, really. It seems unsurprising that the Seattle game makes up 40 percent of this list. Somewhat surprising, though, is the lack of Peja anywhere on this list. (He does have the 11th best game in December, however).

How about the 10 worst single-game performances for a King this season?

Name    DATE         Opp       GameScore
Miller     12/04/05    vs MIN    -2.3
Garcia    12/14/05    at DET    -2.3
C-Will    12/08/05    vs HOU    -1.9
Garcia    12/13/05    at MIN    -1.6
Kenny    12/06/05    vs CLE    -1.3
Garcia    12/06/05    vs CLE    -1.1
Martin    12/04/05    vs MIN    -1
Garcia    12/17/05    at SAS    -0.8
Garcia    12/11/05    vs NOH    -0.8
Garcia    12/08/05    vs HOU    -0.5

So um, yeah. Francisco hasn't been too good this month. Miller's performance against Minnesota is also quit bad, and memory backs that up. I'm not sure I know why Garcia is getting so much more burn than KMart after looking at this.

We'll be back later this afternoon with a preview of the exciting end of the road trip. Until then, pray for Nene!