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Suck. Suck. Suck. Suck. Suck. Suck. Suck. Suck. Suck.

Sorry, I had to get that off my chest.

Let's use the play-by-play of the game to express to you what the five most infuriating things of the overtime were. Mind you, this was just the overtime - there were 48 minutes of mostly infuriating basketball preceding it.

  1. 2:06 - Gerald Wallace blocks Brad Miller's layup: Yeah. Our 7-foot center probably shouldn't be driving into three defenders and allowing a swingman to block his attempt at a floater.
  2. 0:36 - Sacramento full timeout: I DID like that KMart called the timeout after he came up with the steal. What I didn't like about this play was Rick Adelman and Mike Bibby yelling at Martin for taking the timeout. It was smart, rational thing - a turnover at that point would've essentially ended the game. You have the superior firepower, especially with Rush and Okafor and Knight out. Set up your offense and score (which is what they did).
  3. 2:25 - Primoz Brezec makes layup (Gerald Wallace assists), Brad Miller shooting foul, Primoz Brezec makes free throw 1 of 1: I'm not sure why you foul in this situation. Brad was barely challenging the shot. Maybe it was just to prevent a dunk? Who knows, but that free point seems rather important in the end.
  4. 1:40 - Brad Miller bad pass: I'm not picking on the guy - he's my favorite player. But c'mon, Kyle Orton. Peja is not 7-foot-6.
  5. 0:05 - Mike Bibby defensive rebound, Mike Bibby misses 32-foot three point jumper: (Forgive me in advance if this gets long.) Let's set the scene. You're down three with about 30 seconds left in overtime. Having been down seven just seconds ago, you really are lucky to be in this game in the final moment. Here's what you need: a defensive stop, a rebound, a made three. You know Charlotte is going to run the clock as far as possible, which means they probably won't get a good look. So really, you need to keep your man in front of you and get in position to grab the rebound. It works. Bibby lunges for a rebound, and gets it. You have a 20-second timeout left and somewhere between 2.5 and 5 seconds on the clock. You need a three to tie. You have far superior offensive players on your team. Yet, you don't call a timeout. You let your point guard recover from the tough rebound, make his way across midcourt and fire up a 30-footer for the tie. Shockingly, he misses. That timeout left on the board surprisingly doesn't get you a couple extra points or a pay raise or a ham-on-rye. It just sits there, unused. You won't get an extra one Thursday against Dallas. You've pretty much just wasted it. You could have set up your offense and got, you know, a 23-footer or 24-footer to send it to a second overtime. But you instead let the game continue to flow. And you took a 30-footer. And you missed it. And you lost. To a 6-18 team that had lost nine of the last 10 and was missing three of its top four offensive game for much of the game. In a pretty big game, as far as salvaging road trips and getting back towards .500 go. You were given the benefit of the doubt with losses at Detroit and San Antonio for mostly valiant efforts and sure signs of a turning tide. Then, you lose to a team who was below the Atlanta F. Hawks in the standings. You suck, Sacramento Kings. You suck.
Well, that felt good. (Actually, it didn't. I'm nauseous.) Last night was my realization that this team really is a last-place team.

Bernie Bickerstaff coached his ass off - he beat the hell out of Rick Adelman with guys like Bernard Robinson, Jr., Kevin Burleson, Jumaine Jones, Keith Bogans and Matt Carroll heavily involved. Not one player on the Bobcats is better than his Sacramento counterpart right now - not one. Yet, that team beat this team. And the coaching decisions had a bunch to do with it.

This team needs a major shakeup in a major way. Hopefully it comes sooner rather than later.